Mount Analogue Revisited
by Walker and Walker
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Written and directed by Joe and Pat Walker, Mount Analogue Revisited is inspired by the novel Mount Analogue by the early 20th century surrealist novelist, Rene Daumal.

Mount Analogue Revisited premiered in Dublin in 2010 in the gallery space, Mother's Tankstation.

Featuring Ned Dennehy, Lalor Roddy, David Pearse and Dylan Tighe, this lyrical piece of storytelling was shot by PJ Dillon, with costumes by Driscoll Calder. The film was edited by Colm Farrell with Ardmore Sound providing the final sound mix.

Mount Analogue Revisited is our second film from the Walker brothers. The first being Nightfall, premiering as Ireland's submission for the Venice Biennale. Nightfall went on to be exhibited in the RHA Gallagher Gallery in Dublin as well as in venues in the UK and the US.